6 ways to heat up a long-distance relationship


Going far from your loved ones gives a hard feeling. The fact that you cannot see them in a regular basis makes someone difficult to build a strong kind of relationship. The essence of cuddling, kissing and making moment face-to-face together is a hard part of a long-distance relationship. Moreover, many people say that, LDR is hard because, of course they are pointing out three things such as: conflicts are along the road always, trust issues, time and effort and many more. But how can a couple survive the challenges of a Long-Distance Relationship?

Furthermore, staying connected even you are miles apart is another challenge. However, there are tons of ways on how you can spice little things up and make it more fun, exciting and filled with love. Here are some ways on how to keep the love alive in a midst of distance and problems;

  • Engage yourself by starting to watch new show or Netflix.
    • Distance can never be a hindrance to enjoy your time together. You can enjoy this through watching some TV time or Netflix series. You can pick a movie you both have been dying to see and set your time to watch it together. You can talk about it at the same time, like telling your reactions or your feelings towards the movie. Set and make the feeling of “Spending the night together” even if you are a thousand miles apart.


  • Send a surprise delivery.
    • Never fail to make surprises. It can be sending sweets like chocolates and cakes or even flowers or foods. Think of something different that will make your loved one felt “surprise” about it. Make an effort to make them feel they are loved and greatly missed.


  • Using couple app
    • It is good to try this one especially if it’s for a long-distance relationship. Couples can easily download different apps that will help them become more connected to each other despite the distance. They can also plan ahead of time like for travel locations, fun activities and many more.


  • Virtual Sex
    • Physical contact is hard because of the fact that you are far from each other. Schedules clash, so you have to plan ahead of time about your schedule. This thing can boost the kinkiness of the couple. Sending kinky message to your partner from distance and imagining the sensual part of cuddling, kissing or sex on the phone in any ways and means can probably add up the romance level on its peak.

  • Plan a Long-Distance Dates
    • There are a lot of ways on how you can spend dates even you are miles apart. The social media world offers many applications for this such as FaceTime or Skypes. If you can’t plan a date being together, you can have this app for video chat and set up a date.

  • Never drop the Snail Mail
    • This type of sending messages to each other is a classic type of building romance from a far. Snail mail now a day is faster than the usual thing before. As part of the sweetest memory that your partner can give to you, it is indeed a good thing to remember without knowing the distance of love you have for each other. This can be the best memory ever