What Women Want In Bed That Will Shock Men


How to wow her in bed? These sexual turn-ons may shock you!

In sex, almost all women love surprises. Unluckily, some average men only think about themselves which leads women to short-change. We know you don’t want to disappoint your partner in bed, so we’ve compiled some things you can do to satisfy her completely.


Give them a dirty talk


While the public might already know that most ladies love dirty talks while they’re busy between the sheets, it may still shock the lady and her bed partner. So, the next time you hit the bed, don’t hesitate to try this technique out.






Continue the kiss

Arouse your girl to tally in bed by keeping up the kiss. Do not spend more time with what is going on under the belt, instead keep up the connection and make her feel your presence. While in the sexual act, take some time to continue maki ng out. It will not only help leap you, but she will also have a sweet surprise on her face for that something extra.


Heat up the oven

Women need romance before she can revel in a sexual intimacy. One great way of giving romance to her is through gifts of love and listening to her. By knowing you listen to your woman, she’ll feel understood, authenticated, and most of all, she knows she can fully trust her partner. Compliments are another gift of love you can use to fulfill her sexual desires.



Use your tongue on her body


When it comes to sex, your tongue has plenty of roles to carry out. Average women want their partner to love her body through their tongue, penis, and hands. An intense part is to eat her up, nibble, suck, kiss and bite her upper back, shoulders, and vagina. 




Dive under and eat the pie

Definitely, yes! Although she is not asking you to eat her pie, she is hoping that you will use your common sense and eat it. Girls are more potential to achieve orgasm with oral and other direct stimulations.




Go rough

Believe it or not, some finesse ladies out there becomes a wanton woman while doing the dirty deed. In fact, they even crave for rough housing as per the survey which was performed by Maxim.  A playful yet gentle roughhousing can definitely please a woman. But if you want to add this to your erotic routine, be sure to ask first your partner. Nothing’s sexier than giving respect to women.


Tickle her curiosity

A scripted act of sex is not ideal. You need to keep a woman curious to please them.  Say no to usual things you do in bed. If she is used to having rough sex with you, try to set up a romantic ambiance and


slow down everything. Make her beg. Surprising her in bed (not just in terms of performance) is a good thing.

Bring her sex fantasies to life with these unique, intense things!